Frequently Asked Questions

Pokezon is designed to be a reliable, fast, and safe way to get any Pokemon you want, whether it be a shiny 6IV starter, or a mythical Pokemon from an event that's no longer running. Our prices are set low enough so that you feel like you've saved time, but not wasted money.

How can I contact you?
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: pokezon-support
Discord Server: Invite Link
Discord Username: Pokezon#7028

Discord is the most convenient of the above, and there's a 5% resusable discount code you can grab from the server. If you'd rather not join the server, you can message us directly instead (we'll still give you the code). Feel free to send a friend request!
Is Pokezon endorsed by Nintendo?
No. We have no affiliation with Nintendo or the Pokemon franchise. All trademarks, trade names, or service marks that appear in connection with Pokezon's services are the property of their respective owners.

Pokemon Sun/Moon

Why isn't the Pokemon I'm looking for available for X/Y/OR/AS but not Sun/Moon/US/UM?
Putting up a gen 7 set for a Pokemon is a manual process, so there's a few Pokemon that haven't gotten one yet. Feel free to contact us if there's something you'd looking for in particular and we'll see about getting it up for you.
How do I trade in Sun/Moon/US/UM?
Once you're far enough into the game to obtain the RotomDex (not very far), you'll gain access to Festival Plaza via the menu on the bottom screen. Enter Festival Plaza (if it's your first time you'll have to do a short tutorial), and once you're in, tap the blue button in the lower-right corner of the bottom screen to connect to the internet. From there, you can send us a trade request. By default, we'll wait for a request from you - generally we won't send one to you unless you ask. This is to avoid sending requests at the same time (more info on this in the next question).

Keep in mind that sometimes random guests will crowd your friends (and us!) out of the list of available trade partners. If we show up as online in your 3DS friends list but you can't see us in-game, wait a minute and try refreshing the list. If you're still having trouble (Festival Plaza is a bit finicky, so don't feel bad), feel free to contact us and we'll help you out.
It says you turned down my trade request! What gives?
In 99% of cases, your trade request isn't actually being turned down. This is a generic error message Sun/Moon will give you if a trade times out. This can happen if we don't notice your request, but more often than not, it's just because we're already trading with someone else. If this happens, you can either keep sending requests, or you can just wait for us to send one to you (probably the easier option).

Generally, the only time your request will actually be turned down is if your in-game name doesn't match the name you provided when you ordered. There's no way to view someone's friend code in Sun/Moon (unlike in gen 6), so it's absolutely crucial that you get your in-game name correct when you order. If you think your requests are actually being turned down, take a look and double-check to make sure things are right, and if you've made a mistake, contact us to let us know.
I can't find you in Festival Plaza, what do I do?
This happens rather commonly - Festival Plaza tends to flood the list with guests and sometimes doesn't show your friends at all. If you're sure we're online and in-game (you can double-check in your 3DS friends list) but you can't find us, let us know that you'd like us to send you a request via any of our communication channels. If you do this, make sure to exit the trade list and stop watching for us. This is important, otherwise due to how Festival Plaza is built, you won't know if you get a request from us. Adding us as a VIP (find us standing around in Festival Plaza) can help make future trades run smoother.
Hey, your GUI is the one from OR/AS! What gives?
You're right! We don't have the GUI from Sun/Moon. The only one we've got is the one from OR/AS, and it works well so we'll be sticking with it.
What Sun/Moon/US/UM Pokemon are shiny locked?
The following Pokemon are shiny locked in gen 7: Zygarde, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Magearna, and Marshadow. To clarify, Type: Null and Silvally are fair game, hence why they have shiny versions available here, though they aren't breedable, so keep in mind requests for a Type: Null lower than level 40 can't be fulfilled. The original 7 Ultra Beasts are shiny locked in Sun/Moon, but not in US/UM.

Zygarde and Tapu Koko are available as shiny via events, and an event for shiny Tapu Lele has been announced to be coming December 2018.
Why doesn't my Pokemon have the gen 7 symbol (the black clover)? Also, why is the gen 7 moveset for this Pokemon so terrible?
First, a quick explanation on what this symbol means and what it actually does. The gen 7 symbol signifies that a Pokemon was born, caught, or obtained in Sun/Moon. The current VGC requirements state that to participate, a Pokemon must be one that can be natively caught in Sun/Moon, and that it must have the gen 7 mark (there are also various other rules unrelated to the topic at hand).

When Pokemon Bank was updated to have Sun/Moon compatibility, it was decided that all gen 7 sets would have the gen 7 mark whenever possible - this includes pretty much anything that is breedable. This was done in case next year's VGC rules changed to allow Pokemon from older generations that aren't natively obtainable in Sun/Moon (i.e. Charizard, Gardevoir) to participate.

Ensuring that a Pokemon has the gen 7 mark often led to some serious moveset changes, since this meant that it wouldn't have access to the wide array of moves available from the Move Tutors in OR/AS.

As of April 2017, this standard will no longer be held. After some thought, it's been decided that having better movesets overall would appeal to more customers than having a moveset that might be usable in VGC in the not-so-near future. We'll be (slowly!) updating sets to favor competitiveness over compatibility.

So, to summarize, if you've purchased a Pokemon for gen 7 and it doesn't have the gen 7 symbol, that's either because it's an event legendary that isn't available for gen 7 without transfer via Pokemon Bank, or because getting the gen 7 symbol on that Pokemon would require its moveset taking a hit.

The display on a Pokemon's page that indicates whether it has the gen 7 mark or not is accurate to what you'll be receiving if you order standard stock for that Pokemon, so make sure to pay attention! The responsibility is on you to check that symbol if it matters to you.

In the event that you require the gen 7 symbol on a Pokemon that doesn't have it by default, you'll have to customize your order and request it. If you want any moveset changes done when doing this, make sure to let us know - if you request the gen 7 Mark but don't provide any further details, any invalid moves will simply be replaced with empty slots.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee

What's the legality check like in LGPE?
There isn't much of one, from what we've heard. We haven't tested anything ourselves yet since the games are so new, but if you'd like something that isn't normally obtainable (e.g. shiny locked Pokemon, nicknames on in-game NPC trades, normally unobtainable moves), we're willing to provide it if you customize your order. Please be aware that it's possible that the legality check will be updated in the future to do its job, and anything fishy that you've ordered might not be usable online anymore.

Regardless of whether or not the legality check functions properly, all of the default content on Pokezon is fully legal - as in, it's something anyone could obtain themselves without hacking, given enough time.
How do you trade in LGPE?
Trading in LGPE is very different from previous gens, and unfortunately requires that you contact us when you're ready to trade. While in gen 6/7 we could sit online in the lobbies those games had and wait for you to come online, this is no longer the case. To trade in LGPE, both players need to select a 3-Pokemon code, and after doing so, they'll be matched with another player who has input that code. The game only searches for a minute or two before giving up, and it's not feasible for us to enter this hundreds of times every day when we frequently get customers that take days to pick up their orders.

When you're ready to pick up an order for LGPE, contact us via any of our contact methods listed at the top/bottom of this page and let us know you're ready, and we'll come online and try to get matched with you.

Currently, the code we typically use is "Diglett-Caterpie-Jigglypuff", but this could change if it becomes too crowded.

Important: In order to trade online in LGPE, you must either have a Nintendo Switch Online membership (this isn't free) or be part of a family plan on one. If you don't have either of these things, you shouldn't place an order for LGPE on Pokezon, since we won't be able to deliver it to you!
What Pokemon are shiny locked in LPGE?
Only your starting Pikachu/Eevee (which we can't sell you one of anyway).
Will Pokemon I receive obey me?
If you have your OT/ID put onto them, they'll obey you regardless of level. Otherwise, you'll have to make sure you have the appropriate gym badge to get them to fully obey you.
Why are your unevolved Pokemon at such weird levels?
There's no breeding in LGPE, so the lowest level you can natively catch Pokemon at varies pretty wildly. Importing from GO to get a lower level is an option for all Pokemon, but some shinies aren't available in GO yet, so to keep things simple and consistent, listings have every Pokemon obtained natively wherever possible (in other words, every Pokemon except Meltan/Melmetal).

If you'd like a Pokemon to come at a lower level, feel free to request that when customizing and we'll do what we can.
I want a fully trained unevolved Pokemon to beat a Master Trainer with, do you provide those?
Since there's usually not going to be much demand for level 100 Caterpies, there are no plans to put listings up for those sorts of Pokemon at level 100 up on the site, but you can purchase the existing Pokemon and choose the customize option and specify that you'd like it at a higher level, with AVs applied, and so on.
Why don't you show CP values?
CP is just a representation of your Pokemon's "approximate strength" and doesn't really mean anything. You could inflate a Pokemon's CP high by giving it points in irrelevant stats (giving a special attacker candy to raise its attack, for example). There's also the fact that CP caps out at 10,000, and any level 100 Pokemon with perfect IVs and maxed AVs will cross over that cap, meaning displaying CP would be redundant. If you want to know how strong a Pokemon is, your best bet is to look at the actual stats.
What's the OT name set to?
Unless it's an event/NPC trade with locked OT info, the OT name is set to "Chase", the canon name for the male protagonist of LGPE.
You don't show height/weight on the site, what do you have them set to?
We have height/weight set randomly within legal boundaries. We don't refresh them on every Pokemon traded, though, since this would be a lot of extra time and information to keep track of, so if you were to buy two uncustomized shiny Pikachus for LGPE, they would have the same height/weight (as well as the same date of capture).

You can request for height/weight to be changed when you customize. If you want a Pokemon to be as light/heavy as possible, you can ask for that, or we can give you the boundaries you can choose between.
Can I get my OT/ID on Pokemon I purchase?
Yes, just like in the 3DS games, we can apply your information to most Pokemon if you customize and ask for it. If you only want your OT name applied and don't care about the game treating the Pokemon as yours, then just request an OT change - if you'd like the game to treat the Pokemon as yours, ask for both the OT and IDs to be changed. In the case of the latter, you'll need to trade us a Pokemon you've caught in your game so we can get some hidden IDs from it (we'll save them for future orders).

One important note about LGPE is that NPC gift Pokemon (Alolan forms being the most common instance of these) have locked IDs/OTs. This means that legally, they can't be changed, nor can these Pokemon be nicknamed.
I'm seeing higher max stats for Pokemon on another site than what your level 100 sets provide, what's going on?
Maxing out friendship with a Pokemon in LGPE gives a 10% boosts to all stats apart from HP. Friendship is reset when trading, so we can't provide you with this boost. The stats on the site reflect the stats on what you'll be receiving from us.
Hey, your GUI is STILL the one from OR/AS! What gives?
Yep! Sorry about that - but it works, and it still gets all of the necessary information across.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

When does support for Sword and Shield start?
As of November 15th, we're open for Sword and Shield orders. However, PKHeX won't be updating until 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST, so we won't be able to handle orders until sometime after that point. We're also still working on adding the new Pokemon/forms to the site, as well as making Pokemon from previous gens that made the cut available. Please be patient with us.
How do I trade in Sword and Shield?
Trading in Sword and Shield works similar to Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, but it's a little more convenient. If we're online, we'll try to constantly be searching on the code 8752 7747, so when you're ready to pick up your order, come online and try to search on that code. If you can't find us, try contacting us (via Discord, Skype, or email, in order of preference), and if we're around, we'll try to come online and trade with you. Don't forget to actually press + to go online after opening the communications menu, otherwise you'll be searching for local players to trade with. Keep in mind that you'll need a subscription to Nintendo's online service to trade online.
Hey, your sets for the new Pokemon/forms suck!
You're right, they probably do! Over time, we'll be updating everything to be more in line with competitive sets as such sets are developed.
Can I get my OT/ID on Pokemon I purchase?
Yes, just like in the 3DS games, we can apply your information to most Pokemon if you customize and ask for it. If you only want your OT name applied and don't care about the game treating the Pokemon as yours, then just request an OT change - if you'd like the game to treat the Pokemon as yours, ask for both the OT and IDs to be changed. In the case of the latter, you'll need to trade us a Pokemon you've caught in your game so we can get some hidden IDs from it (we'll save them for future orders).

One important note about LGPE is that NPC gift Pokemon (Alolan forms being the most common instance of these) have locked IDs/OTs. This means that legally, they can't be changed, nor can these Pokemon be nicknamed.
Are your Pokemon Ultra Shiny?
By default, all of our gen 8 shinies are regular shinies - they don't have the new square sparkles. If you want Ultra Shinies, you can customize and ask for them.
What Pokemon in gen 8 are shiny locked?
If we're talking species, then Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus, and Mew (at least until Pokemon HOME is released). Some Pokemon are also shiny locked if obtained via certain means, but can still be bred shiny/obtained as shiny elsewhere. These include the starters and the postgame gift Gigantamax Charmander. The special Gigantamax Pokemon - Pikachu, Eevee, and Meowth - are also shiny locked.

Special Orders

How do bundles work?
With bundles, you can buy multiple Pokemon at once for a discounted price. Keep in mind that the contents of a bundle can't be customized or nicknamed, however. You may notice that there's no gen 6 support for bundles - since few customers still place orders for gen 6, this decision was made to save on time, effort, and space. If you'd like to purchase a bundle for gen 6 that doesn't have any gen 7 exclusive Pokemon it, you can still do so, though - just contact us and we can work out a direct payment and trade offsite.
I'd like to buy in bulk! Do you offer discounts?
Yes, though we don't have a proper system for it in place on our site, if you contact us directly, we can offer bulk orders at a reduced price on a case-by-case basis.

Order Statuses

What does the "Processing" status mean?
This means we're still preparing your Pokemon. If there are any problems with your order, we'll notify you. During this period, you're waiting on us - if there's a problem with your order (illegal customization instructions, for example), we'll let you know. If possible, try to prepare some Pokemon to trade while your order is being processed. It's a good idea to join our Discord server while your order is processing and contact us, since this will usually result in you getting priority on your trade.
What does the "Ready For Pickup" status mean?
Your friend code has been added and your order has been prepared. Check your order and you'll be able to confirm the trader's friend code and in-game name. Typically our trader will be available for a while after marking your order as ready for pickup, but if the trade doesn't happen immediately, try to just check your 3DS friends list for them. If they're online, go in-game and send a request.
What does the "Delivered" status mean?
This means that your order was successfully traded. If there were any issues with your order (something not matching the site's description, customizations not being applied properly, etc.), by all means contact us and we'll make sure to set things right.
I won't be available to trade for more than a day, is that okay?
Purchasing with the intent to pick up later is perfectly fine - if possible, though, please try to give us some kind of scheduling information if this is the case, even if it's a rough estimation as to when you'll be available. If we don't hear from you for a while (generally ~1-2 weeks), we'll try to contact you - if we don't get some sort of response, your order may be cancelled (with a full refund, of course).

Canceled Orders

I changed my mind about my order - how can I cancel it?
If you'd like to cancel an order that hasn't been marked as ready for pickup, you may do so by clicking the "cancel" button in the upper-right corner of the order page. Please be aware that once is order is marked as ready for pickup, it can no longer be cancelled by the customer - if you've reached this point and you'd like to cancel, please contact us and we'll do it for you.

Alternatively, if you've changed your mind about something your order and intend to cancel it and place another one instead (like if you decide on a different nickname/moveset than what you originally requested), you can just contact us and let us know - there's no need to cancel and place again.
Why was my order canceled?
The vast majority of cancelled orders are due to us not hearing back from a customer who hasn't added our trader's friend code back after a long period of time. If this happens, we'll try to contact you before cancelling, so this means we didn't get a response. It's also possible that your order could have been cancelled due to issues with customizations that we couldn't work out a solution with you for, but we try to keep an open channel of communications if there are customization issues, so if this is the case then it's probably clear. If your order was cancelled and you don't know why, please contact us and we'll clear things up for you.
I cancelled my order. How do I get my money back?
If you've already cancelled your order, you probably already have your money back - you should receive an automatic refund through PayPal upon cancellation.

Return Policy

Do you accept returns?
We accept returns in the case that there was an error made with your order, as well as in the case that your order was purchased unintentionally (unauthorized use of funds, ordered twice by accident, etc.). Please contact us directly instead of opening a case with PayPal and we'll make sure you get your money back. Performing a PayPal chargeback charges us a fee and will get you blacklisted from using Pokezon again.
How do I initiate the return process?
Just contact us with your order info and let us know what's going on.


What payment methods do you suppport?
Just PayPal. However, if you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry - PayPal actually lets you check out without making an account. Just select "Check out with PayPal" on our checkout page then click "Pay with Debit or Credit card" and proceed from there.
What can I do if there's a problem with my order?
If this happens, please contact us and we'll try to fix whatever went wrong. Alternatively, depending on how far along your order is, you may either cancel or request a refund.
Where can I find my Order ID?
Your Order ID matches the Invoice number found in the details of your PayPal transaction. You can also use our Forgot Order ID form.
I placed an order but can't view it, what's going on?
There's a rare issue that causes orders to not get created in the database properly - we suspect this happens when PayPal is under high load. Typically we'll catch this when it happens and create your order manually (though not always immediately), but if it's been more than 5 minutes after placing your order and you can't view it, feel free to contact us to let us know.
Are your Pokemon hacked?
Our Pokemon are generated using PKHeX and then inserted into our games to be traded. They are "hacked"; however, no impossible combinations of moves, natures, or IVs are used, making them legal for use. Nintendo's hack check blocks most illegal Pokemon from being traded, so we couldn't trade you that 999 Sp. Atk Gardevoir even if we wanted to.
Why can't I find a Pokemon?
We're always adding new Pokemon to our database - come back again and we might just have what you're looking for. You can also contact us and request a Pokemon - keep in mind that the set we decide on for the website might not match your original request, but if you request a Pokemon that we don't have on the site yet, we'll give you a free customization for it.
Are the Pokemon here legal for online play?
All of our Pokemon are 100% legal for online play - please let us know if you ever find that one isn't! Keep in mind that different modes have different restrictions on what Pokemon can enter, though, and that official Nintendo competitions typically require Pokemon to originate from the most recent generation of games.
Where do you get your Pokemon GIFs?
We get most of them from PkParaĆ­so - they have huge galleries of GIFs of each Pokemon and their various forms.

US/UM GIFs were taken from here.