New Beginnings

Pokezon will be relaunching with a new site design soon. After some deliberating, the I (the owner of the site you're familiar with) will be sticking around, but I won't be quite as active as before. Some things about the site will be changing. We're still working out a lot of the details, but here's a basic rundown:

We'll be making an account system to track your orders. You'll probably be able to keep track of any trainer IDs applied to custom orders here as well.

Trading will be automated via a trade bot. Most custom orders will also be prepared automatically, and we plan on making a proper form on the site to create them. If you've got an order for something the form can't handle (specific events, complicated past-gen transfers, etc.), we'll have a box you can check to pay a little extra and I'll prep your order by hand and work with you if anything has to change.

We'll be retiring gen 6, gen 7, and Let's Go's listings on the site since they're a lot of work to maintain. In 2020, those sets of games made up for 1/16 of the site's sales (with gen 8 obviously being the other 15/16). But there are clearly still some people who love those games and are still playing them, so we'll be putting up a form somewhere on the site where you can make special custom orders for them (probably at a slightly increased price).

Speaking of prices, that's one thing I won't be managing in my new role, so they may change. We'll be keeping bundles around, though, and we'll try to expand on them and make more, as well as make them easier to use (i.e. telling you if a Pokemon in your cart could be purchased as part of a bundle).

The Discord server will be staying up and will still be the best place to get support for your orders or ask legality questions (though remember that you won't have to contact us to trade in gen 8!).

We'll be using Stripe as our new payment processor. You don't have to make an account to use Stripe, and it supports international payments, so this shouldn't affect much in terms of convenience.

We're expecting to relaunch before the end of 2020. Hope to see you soon!