Goodbye from Pokezon

As anyone who read the announcement knows, I had both of my PayPal accounts permanently limited on August 20th, meaning I couldn't send or receive payments. I immediately reached out through various means but I haven't gotten a response back yet.

Over the next week or so, while I waited for a response, I was enjoying the freedom. I was able to work on my other job (Japanese->English translating) for a couple hours or so every day and then be free to do whatever else I wanted. With Pokezon being active, unless I designate specific times where I'm offline (which often results in a buildup of work when I come back online), I have to always deal with the fact that my translation work/personal life could be interrupted with a new order at any given time. This wasn't as bad before I started translating last year, but maintaining both jobs has been pretty stressful and basically shuts down any other hobbies I'd like to invest time/mental energy into.

In the end, I've decided that Pokezon has run its course and I'm going to close down. I know that I could switch to Stripe or something as a payment processor, but the freedom I've had ever since getting my PayPal accounts limited has been enough to convince me that I'd like to reclaim my life a little. I made up my mind a few days back (please don't try to change it, and please don't ask to make any last-minute orders).

I'm really grateful for all of the business over these past 5+ years - a lot of Pokezon's orders have come from regular customers, some of which who have been placing orders since the gen 6 days (you know who you are). You've all allowed me to work comfortably from home for a long time now.

I'm currently in talks with a couple friends who are interested in taking the domain and reopening Pokezon in the near future. It'll be a new site, with new Pokemon sets, new prices, new people running it, only support for Sword/Shield, and most likely some sort of automated trading to help keep things smooth. I'll be assisting them from behind the scenes, teaching them how PKHeX works, showing them the intricacies of Pokemon legality, and all that, but I don't currently have any plans to be part of the new site directly.

Thanks again to all of my customers over the past 5+ years, all the way back to X and Y up until Sword and Shield. Sorry that I won't be here for the Crown Tundra. Maybe once gen 9 comes out, I'll be able to enjoy a Pokemon game for what it is again and will be there playing it alongside all of you.